Girls that asks men for T.fare are useless girls – Speed Darlington

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The US-based Nigerian rapper and social media comedian, Okoye Darlington, known as Speed Darlington, has sparked a trending discussion with his views on women who ask men for transportation fare.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Speed Darlington expressed his opinion that any girl who frequently asks men for transportation money is a useless individual who lacks direction in life.

He further emphasized that men wouldn’t hold much value or respect for women who cannot afford to pay for their own transportation. According to him, a guy cannot see such a woman as a potential partner if she is unable to take care of her basic transportation needs.

Speed Darlington drew a parallel between a man not having a place to live and being unfit to start a family, stating that the same principle applies to a woman who cannot afford her transportation fare – he considers such individuals as useless human beings.

It’s worth noting that these are Speed Darlington’s personal views and opinions, and they have stirred up a conversation and differing perspectives on social media. Discussions surrounding gender dynamics, financial independence, and societal expectations have been triggered by his statements. As with any opinion, people have diverse thoughts and feelings about this matter.

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