Forum Expresses Concern Over Increasing Number of Broken Homes

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The Marriage Affairs Forum, a dedicated group committed to strengthening marriages and providing guidance to singles for successful unions, has raised concerns about the rising prevalence of broken homes. To address this issue, the forum has launched a book aimed at uplifting marital affairs and offering insights on how to prevent broken homes.

Over the years, the forum has played a crucial role in rescuing many marriages and extending support to widows and the less privileged.

During the group’s 10th-anniversary celebration and book launch in Benin City, Edo State, Elizabeth Eguasa, the forum’s leader, emphasized that the book’s central focus is on God and expressed hope that it would free many individuals from the confusion they may have regarding marital challenges.

The book received praise from the reviewer, Ven. David Egbenusi, who commended the author for skillfully incorporating various scriptures, making it a valuable resource for personal guidance.

As a guest speaker, Rev. Kelly Obasuyi encouraged couples to remain committed to the vows they made to each other on their wedding day, emphasizing the importance of upholding the covenant of marriage.

The Marriage Affairs Forum’s efforts and the launch of their book aim to provide valuable insights and support to individuals and couples, ultimately contributing to healthier and more enduring marriages.

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