Anita Brown rants, rubbishes Davido over secret marriage to Chioma

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Anita Brown, the alleged pregnant mistress of Davido, has taken to her Instagram story to express her frustrations and dismiss Davido’s secret marriage to Chioma.

In her posts, Anita asserted that Davido and Chioma were not together in 2022 but suddenly got married in 2023. She addressed criticisms for being involved with a married man and clarified that she was not aware of Davido’s marital status until recently.

Anita further revealed that her relationship with Davido was not kept private, as there is footage of them together in Miami in May.

She wrote: “He just got married in 2023. To someone, he wasn’t within 2022. And he has a second baby from his SECOND baby’s mother in May 2023. What big celeb doesn’t celebrate their wedding publicly? Where is the public wedding? Oh ok! STFU. Dummies! Stop playing with my head top.”

Anita expressed that she had confessed one of her deepest sins to the public about her involvement with a married man and had spoken to God about it. She stated that she could no longer keep it a secret and was determined to speak out.

She also addressed rumors of their alleged private relationship, emphasizing that there is footage of them together in Miami in May, indicating that they were not hiding their association.

Anita defended herself against those who called her ugly and claimed that she looked good and was a great accessory, which attracted Davido to her. She expressed her belief that Davido wanted to show her off and that she was not someone he would hide.

These rants by Anita Brown have stirred up further controversies surrounding Davido and his personal life, attracting attention from fans and the public alike.

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