Yetunde Barnabas Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday with Heartwarming Photoshoot

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The talented actress, Yetunde Barnabas, is filled with joy as she commemorates her daughter’s first year on earth with a delightful birthday photoshoot.

Gemma, her daughter, was born on July 26, 2022, to Yetunde Barnabas and her footballer husband, Peter Olayinka.

On the special occasion, Yetunde Barnabas shared adorable photos on her Instagram page to celebrate her little one’s birthday.

In her heartfelt message, she lovingly described Gemma as her “womb opener” and “heart in human form,” showering her with an abundance of sweet words. Yetunde expressed her gratitude for God’s gift and blessings and promised to be a perfect mother, guiding Gemma on the right path and in the ways of the Lord.

The actress concluded by extending her wishes for Gemma’s life to be filled with the wonders and glory of God’s abiding love, praying for her continuous growth in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

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