Papa OPM did what your papa failed to do for you” – VeryDarkman lambast Happie Boys

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“VeryDarkman strongly criticizes Happie Boys for their disrespectful behavior towards Apostle Chibuzor and the lack of gratitude for Papa OPM’s generosity.

The well-known Tiktoker, VeryDarkman, has expressed his disapproval of Happie Boys, Nigerian dancers who made headlines for insulting the respected man of God, Apostle Chibuzor, as well as showing ingratitude for Papa OPM’s kindness. In a recent viral video, Happie Boys were seen hurling insults at Apostle Chibuzor, even after he offered to buy them plane tickets to return to Nigeria.

VeryDarkman took to his TikTok page amidst the controversy and lambasted the boys for their ungratefulness. He pointed out that Papa OPM had done for them what their own fathers and other family members had not achieved on their behalf. VeryDarkman also warned that the law of karma is inescapable, implying that their actions might have consequences on their future success.

The situation has garnered significant attention on social media, with people expressing various opinions on the matter.”

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