NCC Declines Tariff Increase Following Subsidy Removal; Receives Titans of Tech Awards

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that it is not prepared to raise tariffs in response to subsidy removal, emphasizing that such a decision requires industry-wide deliberations and cannot be rushed.

The announcement was made during the Titans of Tech (ToT) awards ceremony in Lagos, where NCC’s Executive Vice-Chairman, Prof. Umar Danbatta, and the Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Rueben Mouka, were recognized for their contributions to the sector. Mr. Yomi Arowosafe, the Lagos Zonal Controller of NCC, accepted the awards on behalf of Danbatta.

When asked about tariff increases due to subsidy removal, Arowosafe emphasized that the NCC does not implement tariff hikes without extensive consultations with the industry stakeholders. He further explained that the NCC operates through a participative system of engagement, and any decision on tariff adjustments would require thorough consultations, which can be time-consuming.

In his welcome address at the event, Mr. Femi Pedro, the former deputy governor of Lagos, praised the organizers of the awards for promoting and encouraging innovators in Nigeria. Pedro urged for a stronger focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education from primary to tertiary levels, as he believes that embracing technology is crucial for Nigeria’s economic development.

Pedro encouraged young entrepreneurs to be more innovative and creative, as he sees technology as a means to create wealth rapidly. He emphasized that the government should support and foster an environment conducive to technology-driven advancements, as technology is not limited to the government but is a private sector enterprise that anyone can leverage for progress.

Pedro also noted that Nigeria’s significant population, especially its young demographic, provides an opportunity for foreign investors to contribute capital and invest in the country, given its potential for technological advancements and wealth creation.

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