“Mercy Eke Celebrated for New Endorsement Deal, While Tacha Faces Criticism”

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Fans are rejoicing as popular BBNaija star, Mercy Eke, secures a significant endorsement deal with a beverage company, Ciu Ciu Wine. The video of the endorsement deal surfaced on Twitter, garnering praises for the influencer from Imo State.

Twitter influencer, @Mbahdeyforyou, shared the video, expressing admiration for Mercy’s success and grace, stating, “Omo Mercy dey win inside and outside the house, I need this kind of grace. Congratulations Mercy Eke 👏🏼”

While many are celebrating Mercy’s achievements, some have taken the opportunity to criticize Tacha for reportedly declining to participate in the BBNaija ‘All Stars’ edition and allegedly displaying arrogance.

The comments on the matter varied. One individual, Caleb Toman, opined, “This person will always claim to be superior in a way that we can’t believe. A mere noisemaker.” Another person, Smart Ogbeide, commented, “And the other one claimed they couldn’t invite her because her price went up.”

Hey Liveth reacted humorously, “And there’s one aunty lurking in the corner, claiming her price has gone up too. Everyone online is having fun mocking them as they please.”

Fnwa Chinemere praised Mercy’s smartness, contrasting it with the other person’s decision not to participate, saying, “This is called smartness. Not like the other person who stubbornly refused to leave her business and come for the show. A show that could have brought more endorsements and even a possible win.”

Em Gerri humorously wrote, “In this life, you better make it. If you don’t, you’ll have to explain yourself. Unlike some people who go on media tours to explain why they weren’t chosen. I come in peace.”

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