“Interesting Wedding Moment: Bride Chooses Not to Recite ‘Obey’ Vows”

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“Interesting Wedding Moment: Bride Chooses Not to Recite ‘Obey’ Vows”

A fascinating incident occurred during a wedding ceremony when the bride refused to recite the wedding vows pertaining to obeying her husband.

As the officiating minister led the couple through their wedding vows, the bride readily agreed to be by her husband’s side in sickness and health, in poverty and wealth. However, when it came to the part that required obedience to her husband, she chose not to respond.

The minister inquired about the reason for her hesitation, and she explained that they had not discussed that aspect during their pre-marital counseling. In contrast, the husband asserted that they had indeed addressed the matter.

Sensing the situation, the priest asked if he should repeat the obedience part, or if they should move forward without it, to which the bride opted for the latter option.

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