Georgina Onuoha Condemns Eniola Badmus’ Approach Towards Tiktoker Defamation Case

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Georgina Onuoha, the renowned actress, has criticized her fellow colleague, Eniola Badmus, for resorting to intimidation and kidnapping in response to a Tiktok user’s defamatory remarks.

The Tiktok user, known as Ego, had made allegations claiming that Eniola Badmus was involved in a pimping operation. This led to Ego’s arrest at the hands of Eniola Badmus, who allegedly used her influence to involve the police in the matter.

Georgina Onuoha expressed her disapproval of this approach and argued that instead of resorting to arrest, Eniola Badmus should have pursued a legal path by suing the Tiktoker for defamation. According to Onuoha, defamation is not a criminal offense and should not warrant such extreme measures.

In her criticism, Georgina Onuoha accused Eniola Badmus of abusing her power and utilizing intimidation tactics to silence the Tiktoker.

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