“They said the show is toxic and wouldn’t return to BBN” – Christy

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Ex-BBNaija housemate Christy O was taken aback when she saw some of her fellow colleagues who had previously declared that they would never return to the BBNaija show, now participating in the new ‘All Stars’ edition and wearing glamorous dresses.

As a brand influencer, Christy O expressed her surprise on Twitter after the premiere of the latest edition, which featured well-known stars from previous seasons. She found it amusing that these same individuals, who had once vehemently opposed the show due to its perceived toxicity, had now chosen to come back and even dressed up in their finest attire for the event.

In her tweet, she remarked:

“It’s funny how I’m seeing a lot of housemates that swore with their lives that they’d never go back for Big Brother. The show is toxic yen yen yen… but they wore the shiniest dress. Believe celebrities at your own risk. #BBNaijaAllStars”

It seems that Christy O was surprised and amused by the apparent change of heart among some of her former fellow housemates, who had initially criticized the show but eventually chose to participate in the ‘All Stars’ edition.

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