From begging to business owner: Mariam Gambo’s story

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The article tells the inspiring story of Mariam Gambo, a woman living with a disability in Nigeria, who went from begging on the streets to becoming a successful business owner. The harsh economic realities in the country have made life difficult for many, including those with disabilities. However, the introduction of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) by the government has brought relief to many vulnerable Nigerians.

Mariam Gambo is one of the beneficiaries of the N-Power cluster of the NSIP, which aims to provide learning opportunities, job experience, and income for startups to empower youths and vulnerable individuals. Through the N-Power program, Mariam received training as a mobile money agent and was provided with the necessary tools and equipment to start her business.

With the support of the N-Power program, Mariam expressed her joy and gratitude for the opportunity to become self-reliant and no longer engage in street begging. She encouraged other vulnerable individuals with disabilities to take advantage of the various trades and businesses available under the program, emphasizing that there is ability in disability.

The article highlights how an inclusive and well-thought-out social investment program like the N-Power can lift vulnerable individuals out of poverty and provide them with opportunities to contribute to the nation’s socioeconomic development. It concludes that sustaining the inclusiveness of such programs can help eradicate social issues like street begging and foster accelerated national development.

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