Cleric Calls Out President Tinubu’s Policies for Causing Hardship Among Nigerians

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Cleric Calls Out President Tinubu’s Policies for Causing Hardship Among Nigerians

In Akure, Senior Pastor Adewale Giwa of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministries expressed concern that President Bola Tinubu’s policies, implemented within a short span of 55 days in office, have led to hardships for Nigerians. Giwa urged immediate measures to alleviate the suffering faced by the populace.

During a press conference in Ondo state capital, Giwa remarked that Tinubu did not enjoy widespread support from Nigerian voters in the last presidential election. Instead of winning over the hearts of Nigerians, the President seemed to be doing the opposite.

According to the cleric, Tinubu’s administration has begun disappointing the few Nigerians who placed their trust in him to bring relief. Giwa criticized the removal of fuel subsidy, which Tinubu had previously opposed during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, without providing viable alternatives.

He pointed out that many citizens now face hardships while the President appears to enjoy petroleum benefits free of charge. Giwa emphasized the importance of addressing more pressing challenges facing the nation, such as inflation and the activities of criminal Fulani herdsmen.

The cleric urged Tinubu to prove his critics wrong and foster unity among the people, regardless of their political preferences. He stressed the need to focus on resolving issues related to education, government workers, and other critical matters, cautioning the President to take timely action before it becomes too late.

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