Uche Elendu Responds to Angela Okorie’s Accusations: “She’s Going Through a Lot

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Uche Elendu Responds to Angela Okorie’s Accusations: “She’s Going Through a Lot”

The social media war between Nollywood actresses Angela Okorie and Uche Elendu has been making headlines. Angela Okorie, on Uche Elendu’s 40th birthday, launched a scathing attack on her, accusing her of falsifying her age and betraying their friendship.

In a series of Instagram posts, Angela Okorie, known as the ‘Legit queen,’ challenged Uche Elendu to respond to her accusations. She referred to Uche as a ‘demonic friend’ and recounted how she felt betrayed during her most vulnerable moment after surviving an attack by suspected armed robbers in 2019. Angela accused Uche of filming her in the hospital and sharing the video with bloggers, causing further distress.

Angela continued the tirade in another post, dubbing Uche Elendu a ‘low budget Chucky’ and insinuating that she obtained her birthday certificate through illegal means on Lagos Island’s notorious Oluwole Street. Additionally, she took a swipe at curvy actress Anita Joseph, claiming her career had expired.

Responding to Angela Okorie’s outbursts, Uche Elendu showed compassion and maturity. In an interview with NollyNow, she said, “She will be alright. Guess! She’s going through a lot. I am praying for her. She will definitely be fine.” On her Instagram, Uche Elendu confidently declared, “All eyes on me,” signaling her strength amid the social media controversy.

As the public watches the drama unfold, Uche Elendu remains composed and extends her thoughts and prayers to Angela Okorie, hoping for her to find peace and healing amidst the turmoil.

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