Sporting Lagos: From NNL newbies to Naija Super 8 kings in one year

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Sporting Lagos, a football club that was formed just last year and competed in the Nigerian Nationwide League, has emerged as the champions of the Naija Super 8, an off-season football tournament organized by Flykite Productions. The club’s victory at the Naija Super 8 final is seen as a deserved reward for their hard work, careful planning, and commitment to excellence.

Sporting Lagos, led by founder Shola Akinlade, a software engineer and entrepreneur, has quickly risen to success, not only qualifying for the Nigeria Premier League but also winning the prestigious Naija Super 8 tournament. The team’s attractive style of play has garnered widespread support and attracted fans back to watch Nigerian football in the stadium.

In addition to their success in Nigeria, Shola Akinlade has further invested in football by buying a majority stake in Danish club Aarhus Fremad, which is expected to aid the foreign exposure and development of the Sporting Lagos project.

The team consists of quality players, including goalkeeper Christian Nwoke, MVP Aliu Salawudeen, captain Balogun Abiodun Ozaveche, and former NPL top scorer Junior Lokosa, among others.

Sporting Lagos aims to be a generational football club that outlives its founders and provides youths with opportunities to showcase their talents. The club is committed to being people-centered and community-oriented, allowing fans to buy into the club and become founding members.

Looking ahead to the new Premier League season, Sporting Lagos aims to sustain its position in the league and has big dreams of potentially winning the league. The club is also building a stadium in Landmark, which will be used for matches once the new season begins.

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