President Tinubu’s Last Hurdle: A Reflection on Leadership and Humility

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President Tinubu’s Last Hurdle: A Reflection on Leadership and Humility

In this opinion piece, Muyiwa Adetiba reflects on President Bola Tinubu’s journey to the presidency and highlights the importance of leadership, humility, and empathy during challenging times. Adetiba begins by discussing the mystical significance of Ogun State in Tinubu’s political journey and how it played a role in key decisions that led to his victory in the presidential election.

The article mentions the “Emilokan” statement, which seemed puzzling to some but was interpreted as a coded message to his allies, signaling a succession pact. Despite facing obstacles and opposition during the party’s primary, Tinubu eventually emerged as the candidate, which was a crucial victory. Adetiba acknowledges the need for strong leadership and the ability to counter-strategize, which Tinubu demonstrated during his campaign.

However, the author notes that Tinubu’s recent self-adulation during a visit to Ogun State was disconcerting. Adetiba believes that leaders should use inclusive language when discussing policies and projects, but Tinubu’s use of the pronoun “I” sounded exclusive and arrogant. The author cautions against any signs of an emerging dictator, emphasizing the importance of humility and reconciliation, especially after a divisive election.

Adetiba acknowledges that some of Tinubu’s recent policies have caused pain and hardship for the people, such as the removal of fuel subsidy. The author urges Tinubu to focus on simplicity, empathy, and preparedness in his approach to governance. The purpose of leadership, Adetiba suggests, should be to raise the living standards of the people in a secure environment.

In conclusion, the author urges President Tinubu to overcome his last hurdle, which is himself. The times call for sobriety and self-effacement, not hubris, and the welfare of the people should be the top priority. Adetiba emphasizes that leadership requires humility and empathy to win over the hearts of the people and lead the country towards progress and prosperity.

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