Gov. Radda transmits 4 executive bills to assembly

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Governor Dikko Radda of Katsina State has sent four executive bills to the state’s assembly, including the establishment of three parastatals and an amendment to the revenue administration law. The governor stated that these bills are part of his commitment to advancing the state’s development and creating a conducive environment for growth and progress.

The proposed bills aim to address crucial issues such as security, development management, land administration, and revenue generation in the state. The first bill seeks to establish the Katsina Community Watch Corps, which will collaborate with security agencies to enhance security and safety in communities across the state.

The second bill proposes the establishment of the Katsina Development Management Board, tasked with promoting efficient development planning and implementation. The board will coordinate developmental projects and initiatives, foster collaboration among stakeholders, and ensure optimal resource allocation for sustainable growth.

The third bill aims to establish the Katsina State Geographic Information System (KATGIS) to modernize land administration and facilitate real estate investment. KATGIS will introduce an efficient and digitized land information system to streamline land ownership processes and encourage responsible land use.

Lastly, the fourth bill seeks to amend the Katsina State Revenue Administration (Codification and Consolidation 2021) to strengthen the state’s financial framework, ensure transparent and effective revenue administration, enhance revenue collection systems, optimize tax compliance, and improve accountability in financial matters.

Governor Radda called on the state assembly to give prompt consideration to the proposed bills, as they have garnered widespread support from various stakeholders, including community leaders, industry experts, and citizens who recognize the positive impact of these initiatives on the state’s socio-economic landscape.

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