Bandits in Power: Nigeria’s Real Culprits and the Cry for Change

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Bandits in Power: Nigeria’s Real Culprits and the Cry for Change

In this thought-provoking article, Emeka Obasi addresses the control of policy decisions in Nigeria and the influence wielded by the “real bandits” outside the Aso Villa, who determine the country’s fate. The author draws comparisons to past influential groups like the Kaduna Mafia and Nnewi Mafia, who held power but were more interested in the country’s welfare.

The article criticizes the current state of Nigeria’s fuel subsidy, which benefits a few individuals while ordinary citizens suffer. Emeka Obasi recounts how during the Biafran war, ingenuity and creativity were shown in building refineries and airports to meet the nation’s needs, but questions why similar efforts are not being made now.

The article highlights the lack of action taken against powerful individuals involved in oil theft, while the government negotiates with bandits and other armed groups. The author calls for a summit with those profiting from oil business to reach a compromise and help subsidize the suffering of the masses.

Emeka Obasi dismisses the effectiveness of palliatives and suggests smarter ways to address urgent issues, such as women’s needs, while criticizing the misuse of funds in the humanitarian affairs ministry. The article laments the country’s situation, where the government seems powerless against the “bandits in power” who have raised fuel prices drastically.

The piece calls for strong military action against oil thieves and stresses that Nigeria is being held hostage by these powerful players. Emeka Obasi ends with a poignant remark that neither military might nor government intervention seems enough to defeat these “bandits in power,” leaving the nation in a precarious position.

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