Electricity Generation in Nigeria Drops 16% to 3,501MW

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Nigeria’s electricity generation witnessed a significant decline of 16.4% week-on-week, dropping to 3,501.20 megawatts (MW) from 4,187.6 MW recorded the previous week. This drop can be attributed to several factors, including the poor state of power plants and low gas supply to thermal plants.

As a result of the decrease in electricity generation, the Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) have resorted to load shedding, a strategy used to ration the limited electricity supply and ensure distribution to a wider population at different times.

In response to the challenges faced by DISCOs and the need to incorporate changes in macroeconomic parameters affecting their operations and quality of service, eleven DISCOs have filed an application for rate review with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

In the midst of these developments, Powercom Smart Grid Nigeria (PSGN) has announced its acquisition of Kano Electricity Distribution Plc (KEDCO). PSGN, a subsidiary of Powercom, specializes in delivering end-to-end Smart Grid/Smart Metering solutions.

With this acquisition, PSGN plans to implement a comprehensive turnaround plan for KEDCO, aimed at improving performance and efficiency. The plan will focus on revenue enhancement, operational optimization, revenue collection, customer service, and overall system reliability. PSGN will also upgrade the existing distribution grid into a modern platform, introducing services such as revenue enhancement, reduction of energy losses, debt recovery, grid optimization, asset recording, asset protection, peak load management, workforce automation, and improved customer service.

The acquisition by PSGN presents an opportunity for KEDCO to undergo significant improvements and transform into a financially viable and efficient electricity distribution company, serving approximately 5 million customers.

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