Shocking Discovery of Human Private Part in Food Sparks Chaos at Alaba International Market, Lagos

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“Shocking Discovery of Human Private Part in Food Sparks Chaos at Alaba International Market, Lagos”

Alaba International Market, known for its bustling atmosphere, was enveloped in shock and panic when a female customer, Ebere, made a distressing discovery in her plate of soup at GBO Plaza. Starving, she had purchased food from a local vendor in the market, only to find a strange meat that resembled a male child’s private part.

As word spread like wildfire, traders and customers flocked to witness the unsettling sight of the alleged human part amidst the otherwise normal-looking delicacies. The situation quickly escalated, and emotions ran high as traders demanded accountability from the food vendor.

According to eyewitnesses, the food vendor protested her innocence, claiming that she had acquired the meat from a regular supplier in the market. The incident caused some traders, who claimed to be her regular customers, to become physically ill, realizing that they might have unknowingly consumed human flesh in the past.

Tensions reached a boiling point, prompting market leaders to intervene and call for restraint. They assured everyone that a thorough investigation would take place, urging the police to handle the matter discreetly to prevent the meat seller from fleeing.

The Public Relations Officer of Alaba International Market, Ezeani Theophilus, confirmed the incident and revealed that the investigation was still ongoing. However, the food vendor had already disappeared from the market, leaving uncertainty about her potential involvement in the situation.

As of the latest update, the police had not received an official report but assured that they would thoroughly investigate the case once notified. The community awaits the outcome of the investigation, hoping to find answers and resolution to the disturbing incident.

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