Ondo Workers Demand Salary Arrears and Palliatives Amid Fuel Price Hike

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“Ondo Workers Demand Salary Arrears and Palliatives Amid Fuel Price Hike”

Following the recent increase in the pump price of petroleum products, organized labor unions in Ondo State, including the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC), and Joint Negotiating Council (JNC), have expressed their dismay, describing the hike as “wicked.”

After an emergency meeting held in Akure, the labor unions issued a communiqué expressing concerns over the government’s lack of sensitivity to the plight of Nigerians. They emphasized that the increase in fuel prices is placing an unbearable burden on the majority of the population.

The communiqué, signed by leaders of the organized unions, including the NLC Chairman, Victor Amoko, and others, demands immediate action from the state government to address the situation. They called on the government to provide palliatives to ease the suffering of both workers and the general public in the state.

Furthermore, the labor unions insisted that all outstanding salaries and allowances owed to workers in the state should be promptly paid. They stressed that any committee set up by the government to handle palliatives without the input of Ondo State Organized Labour would be rejected outright.

The workers’ demands highlight their concerns about the adverse effects of the fuel price hike on their financial well-being and the well-being of the masses. They are calling on the government to take urgent action to provide relief and ensure the welfare of the citizens during this challenging time.

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