Governor Fubara Proudly Chooses Private School for His Children’s Education, No Apologies Given

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“Governor Fubara Proudly Chooses Private School for His Children’s Education, No Apologies Given”

Governor Siminialayi Fubara of Rivers State proudly defended his decision to enroll his children in a private school for their elementary education, stating that he owes no apologies for his choice, regardless of any public opinion.

Recently, Governor Fubara attended the graduation ceremony of the 2023 Grade Six Class at the Private Green Oak International School in Port Harcourt, where he celebrated the achievement of his son, Joseph, among the graduating students.

Anticipating potential criticism for not opting for public schools as an office holder, the governor expressed his reasons behind the decision. He shared a heartfelt moment with his son, who had been eagerly looking forward to his presence at the graduation ceremony.

Governor Fubara commended the school and emphasized that he made the choice for his children’s education based on the belief in the school’s superior standards compared to the options available at that time. He noticed significant improvement in his children’s education after they switched to Green Oak.

The governor stressed the importance of providing a quality education to children, as they are the true legacy of any individual. He emphasized that having successful and capable successors is the ultimate measure of achievement, surpassing material possessions and wealth.

Asserting his confidence in the school and its ability to provide the best education for his children, Governor Fubara firmly stated that he owes no one an apology for making this decision.

In conclusion, he expressed his gratitude to the school and encouraged them to continue maintaining high standards, as he believes in the potential and skills of his children. Governor Fubara’s stance reflects his commitment to ensuring the best education for his children, irrespective of any potential criticisms.

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