House of Representatives Suspends Concession of Nigerian Airports

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House of Representatives Suspends Concession of Nigerian Airports

The House of Representatives has decided to suspend the concession of airports in Nigeria. This resolution was reached following a motion titled “Need to Investigate the Concession of Airports in Nigeria” presented by Rep. Kama Nkemkanma during a plenary session.

In his motion, Nkemkanma highlighted that the concession of Nigeria’s most viable airports to foreign firms was done without following due process, public accountability, and established laws of the land. He expressed concern that this opaque concession process has resulted in the enrichment of a few unpatriotic Nigerians and their foreign associates at the expense of the Nigerian people. He also raised issues regarding the degradation of major airports in Lagos, Abuja, and Kano, and their failure to meet global standards compared to renowned airports worldwide.

The motion further pointed out the challenges faced by Nigerian airlines in comparison to their counterparts in South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia, as well as other African airports that have outpaced Nigeria. Nkemkanma expressed worry over the monumental corruption, controversies, and embarrassments that have characterized the country’s aviation and other sectors.

Citing the constitutional authority of the National Assembly to control the economy and ensure social justice, equality, and opportunities for citizens, Nkemkanma emphasized the role of the House in exposing corruption, inefficiency, and waste.

The motion was unanimously adopted by the House, and the House Committee on Aviation, once constituted, was mandated to investigate the concession of Nigerian airports and provide a report for further legislative action.

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