CSO Urges NLC and TUC Leadership to Organize Peaceful Protest Against Fuel Price Hike

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CSO Urges NLC and TUC Leadership to Organize Peaceful Protest Against Fuel Price Hike

A Civil Society Organization, the One Love Foundation (OLF), has called upon the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) to organize a nationwide peaceful protest in response to the continuous increase in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS). With over 200 million Nigerians grappling with the burden of high fuel prices and its impact on their cost of living, the OLF believes that a peaceful protest would allow Nigerians to express their disappointment and frustration over these incessant hikes.

Chief Patrick Eholor, the Founder and President of OLF, expressed his concerns regarding the situation. He emphasized the need for the NLC, led by Joe Ajaero, to take a stand and organize a peaceful protest that would instill hope in the hearts of the suffering Nigerians who are at the mercy of the ruling class. Eholor also expressed disappointment in the NLC and TUC for not providing any viable solutions to address this problem, leaving Nigerians to endure the hardships alone.

Eholor stated, “It is surprising to witness the National President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero, making empty threats without taking any substantial action. The Tinubu-led administration is taking advantage of this and undermining both you and the Nigerian people. If you truly represent the interests of this country, you should have rallied those you claim to represent for a peaceful protest. By failing to do so, you are allowing them to take advantage of you and the Nigerian people. How many more lives must be sacrificed before you say enough is enough? Perhaps it is time for you to consider resigning from your position as NLC president, as Nigerians do not need ineffective leadership.”

He further noted, “The last time Nigeria witnessed a vibrant and determined Labour Congress was during the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. In 2012, the Nigerian Labour Congress organized massive protests and effectively shut down the nation in response to fuel subsidy removal. Prominent figures, including Prof. Wole Soyinka, joined the protest, and Nigeria came to a standstill. However, what has become of the NLC today? It has become a mere shadow of its former self, portrayed as a toothless bulldog engaged in childish antics. The NLC threatens to protest, only to negotiate behind closed doors with those who oppose the average Nigerian. One would expect that the Nigeria Labour Congress would have taken to the streets by now, organizing a massive protest to protect the interests of the common man against subsidy removal and fuel price hikes. However, they choose to remain passive, and President Ajaero’s silence is deafening.”

Eholor concluded, “First, we had the falsified INEC result, followed by the petroleum sector increasing fuel prices prematurely. Then came the ₦8,000 and bulletproof car controversies. Yet, the NLC and TUC, who are supposed to champion the cause of the common man, remain silent. What use is the NLC and TUC if they cannot fulfill their purpose? It is better to have no representation than to have one that is ineffective.”

The social crusader and human rights activist emphasized that Nigerians cannot continue to suffer under the guise of market forces determining and dictating fuel prices. He called upon Nigerians to awaken from their slumber and realize that the NLC does not genuinely represent their interests or provide assistance.

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