Falana Calls for Tinubu to Lead Anti-Corruption Campaign

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Falana, a Lagos lawyer and human rights activist, has urged President Bola Tinubu to spearhead the fight against corruption.

Speaking at Afe Babalola University in Ado-Ekiti during the celebration of Aare Babalola’s 60 years at the bar, Falana emphasized that the nation is still grappling with the grips of corruption, as politicians implicated in corrupt practices continue to hold positions of power.

He stated, “Let the President lead an anti-corruption crusade because right now, we are in trouble as a country. We should return to an era where individuals involved in corruption and looting are barred from participating in the decision-making process of the country.”

Falana also called on the government to refrain from religious discrimination, asserting that if there are mosques in certain areas without churches, Christians should have the right to seek legal recourse as it constitutes an act of discrimination.

Additionally, he urged Nigerian citizens to recognize and exercise their rights, stating, “When a person is killed, one can sue the government to hold the perpetrator accountable or seek compensation.”

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