I’ll join govt negotiation team if Tinubu calls me – Sheikh Gumi

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Renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has expressed his willingness to join the negotiation team of President Bola Tinubu’s government if he is invited. In an interview with Trust TV, Sheikh Gumi stated that he had previously played a mediatory role during the banditry crisis in the North West under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

When asked if he would accept an invitation from President Tinubu to continue his efforts, Sheikh Gumi responded positively, saying, “Yes.” He emphasized the importance of establishing confidence, not just contact, and called for a holistic approach to addressing the security challenges. Sheikh Gumi suggested involving emirs, religious scholars, the military, and even the bandits themselves in the negotiation process.

Sheikh Gumi clarified that he does not necessarily have to lead the negotiations but would be willing to be part of a government-approved group entrusted with that responsibility. He stressed the need for a comprehensive approach that includes scholars, emirs, and professors working together to achieve lasting peace.

Furthermore, Sheikh Gumi expressed his support for the Tinubu administration’s efforts in combating insecurity. He praised the appointment of Nuhu Ribadu as the National Security Adviser and emphasized the importance of cooperation and coordination among security agencies.

It is worth noting that previous administrations lacked effective coordination among various security services, leading to competition and a lack of cooperation. Sheikh Gumi believes that peace can be achieved through improved coordination among security agencies.

It should be recalled that Senator Sani Yarima, a former governor of Zamfara State, had previously called for negotiations with bandits, similar to the government’s approach in dealing with Niger Delta militants.

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