Restructuring: Governor Lawal Streamlines Zamfara Ministries, Reducing Them to 16

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Governor Lawal Streamlines Zamfara Ministries, Reducing Them to 16

Written by Dapo Akinrefon

In a move towards administrative efficiency, Governor Lawal of Zamfara State has undertaken a restructuring initiative, resulting in a reduction of ministries from the previous number to 16.

This strategic decision aims to streamline the government apparatus and optimize resource allocation, ensuring a more effective and focused approach to governance in the state.

By reducing the number of ministries, Governor Lawal intends to enhance coordination, eliminate duplication of functions, and promote synergy among government agencies.

This reorganization reflects a commitment to prudent management of public resources and a desire to improve service delivery to the people of Zamfara.

The consolidation of ministries is expected to improve governance effectiveness, expedite decision-making processes, and foster a more cohesive and results-oriented administration.

Governor Lawal’s initiative underscores his administration’s dedication to efficient governance and prioritization of the needs of Zamfara State.

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