Ekiti State Warns Kiss-a-thon Promoters of Potential Three-Year Jail Term

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The Ekiti State government has issued a warning to promoters of kiss-a-thon events, stating that they risk facing a three-year jail term for organizing such gatherings. The government considers these events to be in violation of public decency and cultural norms.

Kiss-a-thon events involve participants engaging in prolonged kissing sessions as a form of entertainment or competition. However, the Ekiti State government views these events as inappropriate and contrary to the values and customs of the state.

The warning serves as a deterrent to individuals and organizations planning to organize or participate in kiss-a-thon events within Ekiti State. The government aims to uphold public decency and maintain cultural integrity by discouraging activities that it deems inappropriate or offensive.

Those found guilty of organizing or participating in kiss-a-thon events may face legal consequences, including imprisonment for up to three years. This stern stance is meant to discourage the proliferation of such events and to ensure compliance with established cultural norms and values.

The Ekiti State government urges individuals and organizations to respect the customs and traditions of the state and engage in activities that promote unity, respect, and moral values.

By issuing this warning, the government aims to maintain social order and protect the cultural heritage of Ekiti State. It underscores the importance of upholding societal norms and values while discouraging behavior that is deemed offensive or contrary to public decency.

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