Actress Keke Palmer received strong criticism from her child’s father, Darius Jackson, regarding her choice of outfit

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During the event, 29-year-old Palmer, who has a son named Leodis Andrellton Jackson with Darius, wore a form-fitting black bodysuit under a sheer dress while watching Usher perform.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with her outfit, Jackson took to Twitter to critique the mother of his child, stating, “I have concerns about the outfit. You’re a mom.”

Jackson’s remarks received mixed reactions from his followers, but he remained firm in his opinion, adding in a subsequent tweet, “In our current generation, it’s not ideal for a family man to see the mother of his children displaying revealing clothing to please others, and when he voices his concerns, he’s labeled as a hater.”

As a fitness instructor, Jackson further explained, “This is a reflection of my family and what I believe in. I have personal standards and values. I’ve made my point.”

His tweets sparked outrage on social media, with many accusing him of being insecure and exhibiting toxic behavior.

Ryan Shead commented, “With 1.4 million views and only 400 likes, that’s not a good sign. Unless you’re married to that woman, you don’t have the right to judge. Even if you were married, publicly shaming the mother of your child for her clothing choice isn’t a good look. Possessiveness rarely leads to healthy relationships, especially when you’re with someone who is extremely famous. You need to develop thicker skin.”

Luh Daddy tweeted, “Life was better when we didn’t know who you were.”

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