Speculation arises about a potential reconciliation between the renowned actress, Funke Akindele, and her former spouse, JJC Skillz.

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Reports suggest that the widely recognized Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, and her estranged husband, JJC Skillz, have reportedly reconciled several months following their separation. It is worth noting that back in June 2022, JJC Skillz had publicly announced their split, leading to both parties unfollowing each other on Instagram. In case you missed it, you can catch up on the details here.

In the early hours of Thursday, June 30, JJC Skillz took to his Instagram page to share a post announcing the separation between himself and the acclaimed actress, Funke Akindele.

JJC Skillz revealed that he and Funke Akindele had been experiencing marital difficulties for a span of two years. He further disclosed that, due to the actress’ insistence, he had to vacate their shared home three months prior to the official announcement.

Funke Akindele explained that the reason behind her separation from her former spouse, JJC Skillz, stemmed from a lack of alignment between their dreams and visions for their marriage. She acknowledged that despite their efforts to salvage the relationship, their attempts went unanswered, leading her to question the purpose of staying in an unsatisfying situation. In her own words, she expressed, “Well, the truth is our dreams and vision of what our marriage should be just no longer aligned. And efforts to make it work all fell on deaf ears, so why hang around?”

In a notable development, Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz have recently re-followed each other on the social media platform. This action has generated excitement among fans of the former couple, who eagerly hope for a potential reconciliation and reunion. Below is a screenshot showcasing this gesture.


See screenshot below.

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