I will never accept rigged electoral victory – Kwara politician

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counsels Tinubu on good governance

A chieftain of the Accord Party in Kwara State, Mr Afolabi Jimoh-Kolawole has disclosed why he will never accept any election results rigged in his favour.

Jimoh-Kolawole came to the limelight in 2013 when he rejected his election as a councillor during a local government election in Offa Kwara State.

The politician had contested the election as a councillor on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party and was announced as the winner.

However, to the surprise of everyone, Jimoh-Kolawole against the result of that election which declared him as the winner, insisting that, “It is very clear that Offa people want APC; they don’t want PDP.”

Ten years after that uncommon act, Jimoh stressed that in spite of his persecution over the decision, he never regretted the action taken 10 years ago.

“I am still maintaining my integrity, honesty and fear of God. l will never take any elected position that was rigged in my favour,” he remains faithful.

However, Jimoh-Kolawole urged President Bola Tinubu-led administration to allow transparency, fear of God and fairness to be the guiding principles toward achieving an egalitarian society.

He stated the various challenges currently facing the country is lack of sincerity, greed, and dishonesty, among other negative acts on the part of those who had been in positions of authority.

He stressed, “leaders in positions of authority must allow transparency and honesty to be their guiding principle.

“They should have it in mind that it is only God that can give and take positions of any kind,” in his statement.

He also advised the new administration to embark on activities that would complement the achievements on the ground in all spheres of the nation’s economy.

Jimoh-Kolawole remarked continues, “The new administration must not see their taking over of government as an opportunity to loot the nation fund for themselves, but rather see it as an opportunity to serve the people diligently.”

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